A variety of T-shirt designs plus some extra pieces of merch from over the years. Some are tour shirts and some are materials to go with album pre-orders. Some are just label promotion. At the beginning of my career a lot of the time, artwork I had designed for a band was just handed over and repurposed by merch companies. This eventually changed to me designing pieces with a specific purpose and context.
Bo Henrik & The Ice Cream Truck / Brave Shores
James Barker Band / Serena Ryder
T-Shirt illustration for Mike Plume, type design by Feisty Creative.
Universal Music Canada Power of Radio.
Sam Roberts Band "Terraform Tour"
Subconscious Communications x Mishka NYC Collaboration Summer 2020
"Patch Hat" & Long sleeved Shirts
Subconscious Communications 2019 Tees "Neko Inochi" & "BrapSy1"
Download: "Unknown Room" (Subconscious Communications / Artoffact Records)
Subconscious Communications
Bells Into Machines / Vile Evils
Subconscious Communications "Download" Beyond the Vault Tour Tee
Unknown Room v2
Tom Cochrane "Mad Mad World 25th Anniversary Tour" Tee
C0ndu1t "Year Of The Dead" Tees
UMUSIC hat. Logo I designed for Universal Music Canada's brand / Physical Presents
A few drinking vessels I designed and illustrated.
Ice Cream Truck & Robot Enamel Pin
Universal Music Canada Holiday Card assortment.
Skinny Puppy "The Greater Wrong Of The Right Tour" All Access pass.
Header cards and toy co-design for the SubconToy Boris Sofubi. Toy released this year in limited numbers, hand made and painted batches.
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