This was a 20th Anniversary rerelease of this album originally designed by Brian Shanley for Wax Trax!, which I incorporated pieces of. The brief was a "re-imagining", which was daunting, as it's my all time favourite album. The idea came from an interview with cEvin Key where he was asked where is the best setting to listen to this album and he said his perfect place was a cliff in Jamaica. The little boy with the crown is a representation of the feeling of loss (Dwayne Goettel who co-wrote the album had passed away before this design) and a nod to King Tubby a Jamaican producer, and to cEvin who had a nickname of "Kenny King". The computer monitors have stills of where the movie samples came from. A lush tropical sound system vibe. The cartoon character versions were an homage to the Ub Iwerks cartoon "The Pin Cushion Man"/ "Balloon Land", which is a sample source. An album really ahead of it's time.
LP & CD designs.
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