"Terraform: to alter the environment of (a celestial body) in order to make capable of supporting terrestrial life forms."
An album about starting over and rebuilding.
We went around the block a bit trying to nail down a direction for this album and ended with a strong graphic retro image. A world being built in a void. The shapes representing various terrestrial elements and bodies being dripped together. The inside collage was to be the exact opposite, full of noise and dissonance. The LP contains a sprawling 22 minute ambient mix called "Initial Transmission From TerraForm Kepler-186F" by Youths engineer/programmer Eddie Banda.
Designs for the 2016 album "Terraform" Limited Edition Box Set and associated album digital singles.
Full Limited Edition set.
Inside Gatefold artwork collage for both LP & CD.
Vinyl slipmat design.
LP label design. Glow in the dark vinyl.
LP label design. Glow in the dark vinyl.
LP label design. Side D, one long ambient remix track. Glow in the dark vinyl.
Under side of Limited Edition box set.
Band photo by Paul Labonté, image manipulation and design by me.
Limited Edition box set cover.
Digital Single cover.
If You Want It.
Digital Single cover.
Rogue Empire.
Digital Single cover.
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