As the title suggests, animation I've produced lately or supplied imagery for.
Full length animated music video for "Sunshine" by Canadian rock band, After The Lounge, created with my co-conspirator Kyle Crockard, who made all my illustrations and traditional animation sing with the miracles of modern technology and gave some amazing touches. It’s an ode to a lost summer and being somewhat detached from reality in 2020, pining for those moments that will hopefully come back full tilt when all this pandemic over. I wrote and story boarded the video, then created illustrations and traditional animation. Kyle then took everything and edited and added more animation and effects via After Effects and Premiere Pro to create the final product. 
These two images I created for Rogers Communications for the podcast "The Biggs & Barr Show". Rogers Motion Graphics team then turned them into teasers and online ads for the show.
A little animation I worked on using a friends drone music project as the score. "Cimitero Senza Croci"
"It Seems Like A Bright Idea"
Subconscious Communications "Remain Calm Palm" Gif
The Eight Ball Magician Gif
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