"Shadow Winds" Guitar Pedal face plate design for Haunted Labs.
Earlier this year, Haunted Labs hired me to design pedal graphics, update their logo and merch. The pedal was to be evocative, easy to read at a quick glance in low light, and dramatic.
Modular Synth face plate designs for Subconscious Communications.
These Eurorack modules are owned and used by such artists as Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), Danny Carey (Tool) and Joel Zimmerman (Deadmau5). Also seen in the modular synth documentary "I Dream Of Wires".
The first couple were reissues in partnership with Peter Grenader/Plan B and featured a crazier drippy design to match the Subcon aesthetic and separate it from the original clean Plan B design.
Later non Plan B based face plate designs have a sleeker more cohesive all black look that all tie in together.
One of the most interesting projects I have been apart of and a steep learning curve.
M15 Complex VCO and M37 ELF LFO.
M52 "Vampire" + M53 "Voicetail"
M52 "Vampire"
M53 "Voicetail"
Danny Carey (TOOL) Modular live rig. Assembled/Photograph by Peter Grenader.
Danny Carey (TOOL) testing Modular live rig. Assembled/Photograph by Peter Grenader.
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