Latest Albums + Single Artwork
Corporate + Production
Apparel Design
Logo Design
Poster Design
Selected Animation
Photography + Image Manipulation
The Tragically Hip: World Container
The Tragically Hip: Now For Plan A
Sam Roberts Band: Lo-Fantasy
Sam Roberts Band: Terraform
Nikki Yanofsky: Little Secret
Molly Johnson: Meaning To Tell Ya
Dear Rouge: Black To Gold
Bells Into Machines
cEvin Key: Brap And Forth Vol 8
cEvin Key + Ken hiwatt Marshall: The Dragon Experience
The Tear Garden: Have A Nice Trip
Download: Helicopter + Wookie Wall
Doubting Thomas: The Infidel
Download: Inception
Robi Botos: Old Soul
Gord Downie: The Grand Bounce
Modular Synthesizers + Pedal Designs
Comic Book Adaptations
Adventures In Sarcastic Advertising
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