First major label album I ever worked on. If I remember correctly Garnet ‘s (Art Director) brief was “it’s world container and could be anything from a drop of blood to a skull to .. anything.” Completely mixed media. In hindsight it’s amusing in that it seems kind of cynical in that it’s Bob Rock produced (first time) so packaging it as a “package” seems a great choice plus back then Amazon wasn’t quite what it is today and it makes me think of how much we currently get delivered in cardboard boxes with barcoded packing slips and stickers with a black ink logo... anyway not bad, and was my first nomination for a Juno Award. Fun times!
LP & CD designs.
“Taken on NASA Shuttle Mission, Service Mission 4 (SM4), which was flown in May 11-24, 2009 to fix the Hubble Telescope, Hip fan and astronaut Drew Feustel snapped this “Out of this World” picture of the “World Container”CD.”
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